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Entry Requirements

What you DON’T need is:

  • to have teaching experience

  • to speak other languages

  • to be a native speaker of English

What you DO need is:

  • to be a minimum of 18 years old on the first day of the course


  • to have a university degree *


  • to have suitable academic qualifications to join on a degree course
    (e.g. A levels) *


  • to have transferable skills from previous employment/experiences **

What native speakers need is:

  • to have GCSE English (Grade C or above) *

What non-native speakers need is:

  • to have the language skills to fluently and accurately communicate in spoken and written English

  • to have (as a guideline) a minimum of IELTS 7 or equivalent

What everyone needs is:

  • to have enthuisasm, energy and a positive approach

  • to have the time to devote to a challenging workload

(*The Ardmore training team will need to see proof of qualifications)

(** Established through Application Form and personal interview)