Welcome to our new website!

We are very pleased to present our new website, which has been thoughtfully designed around what we are frequently asked by candidates interested in entering the world of EFL so we hope it will help answer many of your questions.

Ardmore Teacher Training courses have developed over many years of tweaking, analysing, researching, adapting and updating, always with the personal touch in mind. Started in 1989 as ULT (Universal Language Training) - two of the original founders are still very much involved with the courses - it built a reputation for being one of the biggest and top providers of Trinity Cert TESOL courses in the country. In autumn 2017 ULT joined the Ardmore Group, a family run provider of junior courses. This adds an extra dimension to the course provision because after completing the course we can offer our graduates opportunities for work; work that is with the same company so the style of teaching and methods are the same as on the course, providing valuable continuity for a newly qualified teacher. As you can hear from Chris in this video, graduates really appreciated the opportunity last summer to put what they had learnt on the course into practice in a real working environment.

You have probably gathered that as well having a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of teacher training, we have a great passion for helping all trainees get their Trinity TESOL certificate, and we pride ourselves on providing very personal and caring support plus a lot of flexibility.

This website has grown out of our enthusiasm for guiding trainees to become confident and competent newly qualified teachers. We hope you find it useful and choose to join us on your next life adventure!

Colin Spicer