Summer of success!

There are 20 more qualified teachers in the world after successfully graduating from our summer Intensive Trinity CertTESOL courses in RHUL and BCA. As they will all tell you, it was tough and exhausting at times, but they all passed and were very happy to have experienced doing the course.

And look at the variety of reasons for doing this great course:

·         Some are using it to go on their Year Abroad this year

·         Some are looking ahead so they can use the certificate when applying for positions on their Year Abroad next year.

·         One is going to return to Switzerland and use the teaching skills to start his own teaching English services for the local skiing community to help them deal with the tourists.

·         One needed the course to take up a position offered provisionally on getting the certificate

·         One is relocating to Japan to live with his new Japanese wife

·         Some changing career

·         Some as a career progression training to move from Ardmore Activity Leader to EFL teacher

So many different ways to use one certificate!

And six went on to get some valuable teaching experience in the Ardmore Summer Schools immediately after the course.

We thoroughly enjoyed having everyone on the courses. Great groups with fantastic team spirit.

Congratulations to them all for all their hard work!

RHUL June 2019

RHUL June 2019

Colin Spicer