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Ardmore Language Schools

Trainees/Graduates of the Ardmore Teacher training courses have a fast track access to jobs in July and August in the Ardmore Summer Schools. There are also some short-term contracts during the year.

Popular site for jobs abroad and the UK.


This site has many EFL positions in international, state and private schools in the UK and around the world.

Dave’s ESL Cafe

Large source of jobs abroad, especially in the Far East.


Home teaching site for students wanting to learn English in the teacher’s home. Connected to International House.

Bucksmore Homelingua

Home teaching site for those who wish to teach and host in your own home.


Promoting Volunteering, Family Exchanges, Homestays, Farmstays, Working Holidays, Travel Buddies, Language Learning and Cultural Exchange. Recomended by ex-trainee, Antonio, who did the course with us then went on a working trip around the Far East. “The most meaningful experiences we have had during our 5 months trip have all been thanks to Workaway that allowed us to live, work and eat with local families in every country we have visited. “


Volunteer Vacations

Volunteer Vacations specialise in organising Gap Year programmes in some very interesting places and is one of our trusted partners. Some of these programmes can be combined with teaching jobs in the local communities, making them an ideal follow on to doing the teacher training course.
Check out the website or email Jill on


Spainwise hold a Conference and Job Fair in May each year, which provides an opportunity for teachers to meet schools and have interviews for teaching jobs around Spain. Why not combine the event with a long weekend trip to explore the Basque Country or a City Break to Bilbao, where there is plenty to do.

EFL Resources

Trinity College London

This site has information on teacher training courses, including supplementary materials to support trainees.

British Council

Some very useful information and articles for language teachers on this site.

British Council Teens

Specific site for teenage learners

BBC English

This site is aimed at learners of English, but can provide ideas for activities and ‘brushing up’ your own grammar.

Dave’s ESL Cafe

Has classroom ideas sections for teachers and for students (as well as jobs section), some of which can be useful.

Benefits of Having a Trinity TESOL Certificate

Travel Everywhere. Earn Everywhere

Offers some interesting insights into what you can do after you graduate from the Ardmore training course.

Benefits of Living/Working Abroad

Results of a survey about the difference between those that live and work abroad and those that don’t.

Why Employers love graduates with interneational experience

An article by Study International, which says, “Studying abroad is not only a fantastic way of developing personally, a way to make new friends from all over the world and a means of traveling while completing your studies; it's also a highly marketable experience that you can parade before future employers.”

International Experience Boosts Your Career

The European Language Jobs Blog talks about how international work experience can often be the difference between two strong candidates

Other Sites

Online Safety for Teachers

A great guide regarding online safety for teachers with useful tips and practical advice to help us protect ourselves and our students online.