Graduates talking about their experiences of our course

Mohammed did the intensive full-time course with us. This was unscripted. Mohammed also did some teaching with Ardmore after graduating.

This is Joe, who did the course part-time, describing his experiences after graduating and how the course really helped him with his teaching in Spain.

Sviatlana, who lives in Italy, graduated from a 2022 online course, and she was able to immediately get some valuable teaching practice volunteering with refugees.

Another unscripted video, this time Elena, who also did the intensive course. She went on to work in the Ardmore summer schools in July and August.

The nature of the course helps boost confidence. We could see Briony grow personally in front of our eyes day by day, which is a common experience for our trainees. 

A collection of comments from other graduates


Part-time course (Feb ‘18 – June ‘19)

“Today I had my first lesson in a school in Cambodia and I have realised how many things and skills I have acquired during the CertTESOL course. I didn’t think the class was going to be that good but many things came naturally and I managed to get the students engaged more than the local teachers, who also liked my lessons very much. It is just unbelievable how much you can learn in 3 months and how you could potentially change your life. Thank you ever so much, what you taught us was really invaluable.”


Ardmore teacher training graduate


Part-time course (Sept ‘18 – Jan ‘19)

“Taking this TESOL course was one of the best decisions and most enjoyable experiences I have had and I hope it will prove very useful in the future. It was hard work – that can’t be underestimated – but the duration of the course was perfect and to achieve so much in such a short time is something I am proud of. The tutors were very positive and the feedback from lessons and tests all very constructive and helpful.”


Ardmore teacher training graduate


Part-time course (Sept ‘17 – Jan ‘18)

“A dynamic, challenging, but immensely enriching and rewarding experience that equips and gives you the confidence to make a difference in people’s lives through language.
I thoroughly enjoyed every moment (even the difficult and confusing ones) of this course and valued the input of the tutors greatly; I think that a brilliant job was done! I greatly valued the structure and the push to stay on target because 4 months is a short time to cover the content and get through that amount of work! You were all inspirational.
Thank you to you all so much for a life-changing course.”


Ardmore teacher training graduate


Full-time course (June ‘18)

“I can speak for us all when I say we’re exceptionally grateful to have been given the opportunity to jump straight in with both feet right after the course as newbies! Proud to have been a part of the Ardmore summer programme at Bedales.
Worth mentioning, Laszlo is an exceptional operational manager and helped make the last 3 weeks such a memorable and enjoyable experience! ”


Ardmore teacher training graduate


Part-time course (Sept ‘17 – Jan ‘18)

“This was a very thorough, intensive course which I am very glad I attended. Job offers came flooding in afterward!”


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